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Genzyme – 1 and 5 Mountain Road
Genzyme – 1 and 5 Mountain Road Genzyme – 1 and 5 Mountain Road


Genzyme – 1 and 5 Mountain Road
Framingham, Massachusetts

The project included renovations to 70 independent laboratory spaces varying in size from 200 to 2,000 square feet.  In total the renovations comprised over 40,000 square feet of research laboratories, equipment rooms, workrooms, and office/support areas. The laboratory departments included pathology, plastics, immunology, and cell biology, and due to the critical nature of their operations, the renovations were performed in multiple phases to minimize business interruption and downtime. The estimated construction cost for the renovation was $5 million.

The existing HVAC systems were modified to accommodate the personnel and equipment loads generated from the new program requirements. New exhaust systems were provided for the new fume hood requirements in the research lab environments. Electrical requirements were closely coordinated with the design team and the laboratory personnel. The existing normal and emergency electrical distribution systems were modified to accommodate the new equipment requirements for the renovated areas. The existing potable water, pure water, laboratory waste and laboratory gas systems were extended to provide services to the renovated laboratory areas. New gas cylinders and regulators were provided in laboratories where existing systems were not available to support the new laboratory requirements.

Photo: DCBeane Associates

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