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Veteran’s Memorial Stadium
Veteran’s Memorial Stadium Veteran’s Memorial Stadium Veteran’s Memorial Stadium


Veteran’s Memorial Stadium
Lawrence, Massachusetts

Veteran’s Memorial Stadium was originally constructed in 1930, but with the help of R.W. Sullivan Engineering it recently underwent a significant modernization.  The renovation included new toilet facilities, new concessions stands, a new press box, new maintenance and storage spaces, and significant accessibility and infrastructure improvements.

A new electrical service and all new distribution equipment was installed as part of the project, and new water services were added to meet domestic and fire protection demands.  New sanitary sewer and storm drainage connections were also installed.  All new power, plumbing and heating infrastructure was provided throughout the interior spaces.  Manual, dry-pipe, fire protection standpipes were provided for the press box and the upper tier of the stands.  All new lighting was provided throughout the toilet rooms, concession areas, maintenance and storage spaces, as well as in the larger open spaces of the main concourse level, along the exterior of the structure, and on site walkways and access drives.

Photo: RWS

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