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Lexington Department of Public Works
Lexington Department of Public Works Lexington Department of Public Works Lexington Department of Public Works


Lexington Department of Public Works
Lexington, Massachusetts

This project included the new construction of a one-story structure containing 45,000 square feet of parking, 27,000 square feet of storage/shops/maintenance, and 17,000 square feet of office space.  In total the building provided 89,000 sq/ft of usable area. The construction cost was approximately $18 million and is expected to be registered with the US Green Building Council as a LEED Silver facility.

The building contains numerous energy saving features.  The HVAC systems utilize energy recovery and an efficient radiant heating system was installed in the garage bays where vehicle usage requires carbon monoxide exhaust fans.  The building also includes high efficiency boilers, Direct Digital Controls with a PC user interface, and a lighting and control system that was awarded $40,000 in rebates.  The domestic hot water is supplied through highly efficient tankless hot water systems, and water consumption was minimized through the use of low flow plumbing fixtures and through the capture and storage of rain water for DPW vehicle and street washing applications.

The building is also equipped with integrated networked access controls, CCTV surveillance, and intrusion alarm systems for after hour security.

Photo: CTA Construction/ HKT Architects

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